Terms & Conditions

Thank you for entrusting the care of your pet to Nantwich Pet Vets. This document details your practice terms and conditions. Some aspects of the terms may not be relevant to you, if this is the case please ask for further explanation/clarification.

Fees and settlement terms

All fees, diet and drug charges are determined by the time spent on the case and according to the drugs, materials, consumables and diets used. You will receive a detailed invoice for every consultation, surgical procedure or transaction with us.

Full payment is expected after each consultation, treatment or on discharge of your pet. If, for any reason, you are unable to meet the full amount at the time of treatment, you must discuss the matter in advance with a member of staff who will refer to senior management. If an account is not settled, you will receive a statement from us detailing the amount you owe. If further statements are necessary and after due notice to you, overdue accounts will be referred to our Debt Collection Agency and further costs will be levied in respect of costs incurred for collecting the debt. Any credit card or cheque payment not honoured and any cash tender that is found to be counterfeit will result in the account being restored to the original amount with the possibility of further charges being added in respect of bank charges and administrative costs.

Methods of payment

Cash, Credit/Debit card- Maestro, Solo, MasterCard and Visa. We accept cheques but do not accept American Express.

Complaints and Standards

We hope that you never have to make a complaint in regards to our practice but if you ever feel you need to make a complaint, please ask a member of staff for our complaints procedure.

Prescription request

Prescriptions are available from this practice from veterinary surgeon for animals under their care. You may obtain prescription only medicines from Nantwich Pet Vets, a pharmacy or another outlet. You will be informed on request of the price of any medication. Our practice policy is you re-assess an animal for repeat prescription every six months.

Your views and feedback

We are always very happy and interested to receive your feedback using our feedback forms. Please let us know if you think there is anything we could improve on as this will help us to ensure that you and your pet receive the best possible care from us. If there is anything you are particularly happy about, we would be thrilled to hear about it.

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