A case of urinary blockage in a cat

Alfie was a young male cat, he’d put on a bit of weight since his castration 18 months ago and his energy levels weren’t the best, he enjoyed lazing on the sofa more than the outdoor life. His owners noticed one day that he was in and out of his litter tray by the minute […]

Why does my dog have fits?

Fits or seizures are really distressing for us, and they can be dangerous for our dogs. However, there are a wide range of different causes, many of which are treatable. Even Idiopathic Epilepsy is fully controllable in the vast majority of cases, so a proper workup and diagnosis is invaluable! What is a fit? A […]

My cat’s overweight – how do I persuade them to exercise?

We can all appreciate that obesity is not good for us. From diabetes and heart disease, to joint problems or depression that comes with not living life to the fullest, and it’s no different for our feline counterparts. If you’re reading this, you’ve likely already taken the first step; that is to recognise that your […]

Avoiding stick injuries in dogs

Throwing a stick for your dog to catch seems like an ideal way to spend the day. After all, entertaining your pet, out in the fresh air, people have been doing it for centuries – so what’s wrong with it? All the people who keep telling us not to, are they spoilsports? Is it “health […]

Avoid Christmas Crises – Keep your pets safe over the holiday!

Sadly, at Christmas we see a lot of animals who have eaten things they shouldn’t – and owners who have to make an emergency trip to see us! Now, we do love seeing you and your animals, but we’d very much like it to be for checkups and boosters, rather than because they are at […]

Canine obesity – why should we be worried?

It will come as no surprise to Labrador owners that a recent study concluded that over 1/5th of Labradors have a genetic predisposition to be greedy and put weight on! Cute and cuddly as chubby dogs may be, being overweight poses serious health and welfare issues to our portly pals. Canine obesity is a condition […]

Should I neuter my pet?

Initiatives such as World Spay and Neuter Day, which ran last month, were originally set up for population control. But we now know there are many, many other advantages to pets in being neutered (yes, honest!). In this blog, we’ll explore the main advantages, and look at the reported disadvantages, of neutering your pets. Advantage […]

Flea and Tick Control – Spring into Action!

With Spring finally arriving (and hopefully, the warmer weather will be with us at some point), it’s time to think about all the things the new season can bring – going out for walks, playing in the park, being bitten by a blood-sucking parasite… Yes, sadly Spring is also when the fleas and ticks come […]

Could a health plan benefit your pet?

The simple answer is yes! Additionally, it will benefit you as well, with good savings for your pet’s health care. Firstly though, let’s talk about what a health plan actually is, and what it isn’t! Health plans are not pet insurance! Pet insurance will pay your vet bills should your pet become ill, or if […]

Blue-Green Algae; what does it mean for your dog?

What is “Blue-green algae”? Let’s kick off with a fun fact; blue-green algae is not in fact algae, but a clumping together of coloured bacteria. These bacteria is known as “cyanobacteria”; their name comes from their colour, “cyano” arising from the Greek for “blue”. These bacteria are capable of photosynthesising, like plants, to make their […]

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