Kennel Club hip dysplasia scheme

What is it? The scheme was set up over 30 years ago in an attempt to reduce the incidence of hip dysplasia in the dog population of Great Britain. It involves X-raying the dogs hips and submitting the films to the BVA (British Veterinary Association) hip scoring panel. Each hip is then scored on 9 […]

Your Dog’s Eye

A healthy dog’s eye should be clear, bright and free from dirt, discharge and inflammation. Common Symptoms of Illness Red inner eyelids Matter ‘stuck’ on the surface or in the corners of the eye Cloudiness within the eyeball A dull eye surface The ‘third eyelid’ coming across the eye Excessive tearing or unusual discharges Tear-stained […]

Travel Preparation

Before you go Ask yourself: will my cat or dog be comfortable and happy on a trip? Some animals simply prefer to stay at home and a ‘homesick’, possibly motion-sick pet will ruin everyone’s trip. In such a case it’s probably wiser to leave your pet with a friend, relative or hire a ‘petsitter’. If […]

Ticks and Fleas

What are they? Ticks are small spider-like acarids and fleas are insects, but these two tiny creatures have at least one thing in common – they are both parasites that feed on your dog’s blood and can cause a lot of discomfort and more serious health problems. Flea bites may go unnoticed on some pets, […]

Puppy Information

Congratulations – you have a new puppy! You’ve anticipated the new arrival by ‘puppy proofing’ your home and had lots of fun choosing the bed, blanket, toys and other supplies they will need. This frisky little creature is sure to bring you much joy. In return, you can make a major contribution to your pet’s […]

Kennel Cough: A sound you’ll never forget

Persistent, ‘honking’, retching, horribly unpleasant……….. Kennel cough can last for weeks, and can prove fatal in susceptible individuals. It’s also the most widespread infectious disease of dogs in Britain today. And of the 65,000 dogs who were diagnosed with the condition last year¹ , most had picked it up in parks, streets, classes, shows…in fact, […]

Dental Care

Your pet counts on you for protection With your help, your pets can have healthy teeth and gums throughout their lives. You simply need to provide them with a few things: A nutritious diet Chew treats Regular brushing at home Yearly dental checkups by a veterinary surgeon Good dental health begins with the proper diet […]

Canine Vaccination

Protecting your best friend One of the most important things you can do to give your dog a long and healthy life is to ensure that he/she is vaccinated against common and serious canine infectious diseases. Your dog’s mother gave her puppy immunity from disease for the first few weeks of existence by providing disease-fighting […]

Canine Osteoarthritis

Introduction If your dog doesn’t jump to greet you on your return home each evening, there may be a good reason – osteoarthritis. A chronic, degenerative joint disease that makes movement difficult and painful, osteoarthritis mainly strikes pets in their middle and senior years. However, younger animals can also be affected. In fact, studies show […]

Canine Ear Care

Your dog’s ear Clean, odour-free, pale pink colour and a minimal accumulation of wax are indications of healthy ears. Check your pet’s ears regularly. Signs of Ear Disease Unpleasant odour Excessive scratching and pawing of the ear and head Sensitivity to touch, often resulting in pain Constant tilting/shaking of the head to one side Black […]

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