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The importance of Youngstock care has long been overlooked in the overall farming system. However, changes you make at this crucial stage will have dramatic effects later when in production. Rearing a replacement heifer is the second highest cost on a unit and small changes can have a huge impact on the bottom line. 

Sarah Williamson grew up dairy farming in the Lake District and so has first hand experience of rearing calves. Since then she has attended various youngstock courses and conferences around the country and is keen to share her knowledge.

Services we can offer

Blood sampling of calves to monitor colostrum uptake

Weighing all sizes of heifer from birth to calving

Ventilation system design

Smoke bombing of existing buildings

Pneumonia sampling

Muck sampling for scour causes

Assesment of colostrum hygiene, bacterial count and quality

On farm staff training


Please contact Sarah Williamson for more information on 07812173942

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