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Worm egg counts

Worming sheep is a very complex issue nowadays and we have moved a long way from traditional practices of worming at regular intervals and so called "dose&move" strategies.

Amy Cox is happy to work with you and your flock to develop robust farm-specific worming protocols. When it comes to lambs faecal egg counting is a good way of monitoring worm burdens in different batches and fields. Below is an outline of how to do this:


How to collect a worm egg counting sample from a batch of lambs:

Gold standard method for determining if your for determining if your lambs need worming is to sample 10 animals from the batch.

If you take the samples as described and drop them at the surgery "FAO Amy Cox" including information as to what animals have been sampled, when they were last treated and what with. She can then get the results back to you with interpretation within 1 week. 

The same approach can be taken with groups of ewes.

Faecal egg counting can also be used to assess efficacy of wormers. Amy can help with this if this is something you are concerned about. 

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