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MV blood testing

Our experienced vets make blood sampling for MV accreditation a stress-free experience for you and your flock. 

MV testing rules

For 1st and 2nd Qualifying Tests all Animals aged 12 months old and over must be sampled, including males.

At the Routine Periodic blood test, bought in animals aged 12 months old and over must be tested in Addition to the sample size in the number to test table. We also require the previous owner details for bought in animals in Section 4 of the Blood Test Information Form.

At the Routine Periodic blood test all males used in the current or most recent breeding season must be tested.

Please ensure all sections on the Blood Test Information form are completed, including numbers of accredited sheep/goats and details of bought in animals and their previous owners.

In flocks that are periodic tested every three years, all MV/CAE accredited animals added to the holding must be tested within 12 months of purchase (except those under 12 months of age which should be instead tested when they reach that age). This testing is mandatory and is to protect the purchasing flock.

For a newly purchased flock of accredited animals, they cannot be blood tested until 6 months after they arrived on the new owner’s holding.

A Premises Check form can be completed in order to gain a temporary status for newly purchased accredited animals until they can be blood tested 6 months after arrival on the new owner’s holding.

For more information please click here to visit the SRUC website