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MRI and CT

Burgess Diagnostics, the UK’s only dedicated mobile veterinary MRI and CT service, visit Nantwich Veterinary Hospital every other Tuesday to provide our MRI and CT imaging capabilities. You may have seen the articulated lorry in our car park occasionally.

Magnetic Resonance Imaging or MRI is an imaging process, which has established itself as the dominant diagnostic investigation process in human medicine. It is unparalleled in the investigation of soft tissues due to it's superior contrast sensitivity and tissue discrimination. This, combined with imaging in any plane and without the associated x-radiation, makes MRI the optimum method of investigation in the majority of clinical cases. For accurate diagnosis and lesion localisation, MRI is now the investigation of choice in all neurological, joint and spinal disease processes.

Computed Tomography or CT is a clinical imaging procedure which uses X-rays to produce a cross-sectional, or ‘slice’ image of the inside of the body. The process can show bones, as well as surrounding soft tissues such as muscle and blood vessels with great clarity. Our visiting CT system can scan large areas of the body in one continuous operation and deliver large numbers of images to aid in the diagnosis of many conditions, including cancer, cardiovascular disease, infectious disease, trauma and bone and disorders.

  • right side image
  • right side image