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DIY AI training courses

The benefits of DIY AI include:
•Better control over service.
•Ensures cows are not kept waiting in AI stalls.
•Enables better timing for insemination.
•Improves skill levels and motivation for key personnel.

Our standard and refresher courses, which are often part-funded, are organised in association with Semex UK and are DEFRA approved. The courses are recommended for anyone wanting to AI cows on their own farm, or start on a career as a professional AI technician. Participants receive a certificate of competence in artificial insemination of cattle.

Course outline

Day 1

Theory, including introduction, Health and Safety, welfare, anatomy and physiology, oestrus detection and the timing of insemination.

Semen handling, including loading the gun with actual semen straws.

Day 2

Reprodutive tract demonstration, handling and passing AI gun. Practice with abattoir sourced reproductive tracts in plastic cows

First live cow sessiion (handling the cervix)

Second live cow session (passing the gun)

Day 3

Third live cow session (passing the gun)

Fourth live cow session (passing the gun)

Day 4

Fifth live cow session (scanner check)

Legislation, hygiene, reproductive problems and management

Final test of semen handling technique