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As a practice we are able to provide both routine and specialised equine dental procedures for all horses, ponies and donkeys. Importantly, as qualified veterinary surgeons we are able to provide sedation alongside any other relevant medical therapy at the time to ensure a safer and less stressful experience for all involved.

All of our veterinary surgeons are fully equipped with the relevant training, knowledge and equipment to perform high quality dental work. In addition to manual tooth rasps we also have two motorised dental systems with a range of power floats to ensure those with advanced dental disorders can be easily managed as well as for those situations where manual rasps may not be well tolerated or suitable. Should you feel that a motorised system is required then please inform your veterinary surgeon or reception of this when making your appointment.

In addition to this, both our mobile and in house digital radiography systems are capable of taking images of the head allowing for the accurate and prompt therapy of cheek tooth disorders. Should extraction of diseased teeth be required this can also be performed, either intraorally (with your horse standing but sedated) or surgically (under general anaesthesia) dependent on the nature of the disorder and tooth affected. All of the above being performed in a safe clinic environment under the supervision of trained veterinary surgeons and support staff.

We are also willing to provide sedation for fully qualified dental technicians where appropriate. Please note that as the veterinary surgeon with ultimate responsibility for your horse once sedated we are required by law supervise the work being performed and therefore will have to stay for the majority of the procedure.

For more information or to speak to one of our vets regarding dental issues please feel free to contact us.