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We provide veterinary care for over 40,000 cows on some of the most progressive dairy farms in the UK. Almost exclusively focused on dairy herd performance our time on farm is engaged not only in clinical work, but also providing training and consultancy. Our advice is 100% specific to your farm and your system. Whether you have intensively managed Holsteins housed all year round or a spring-calving pasture based herd and every system in between. 

Our large team of 16 dedicated farm animal vets enables vets to pursue their passion for specific areas and allows you to receive the best and most up-to-date advice for your system. We have vets trained in the Healthy Feet Programme, the Mastitis Control Plan, and four of our vets have gained further qualifications in cattle health. Our vets routinely travel to conferences and training around the world to make sure we have the latest information to share with our clients. We are passionate about knowledge transfer and run regular meetings and training sessions to make sure our clients are at the forefront of the dairy industry. 

We are confident that through our extensive experience and our transparent, collaborative approach we can make your dairying business, wherever you are in the country and whatever your aspirations may be, more profitable with healthier, happier staff and cows.